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Here's some Bally/Stern stuff I currently have for sale.
This page may change from time to time so feel free to check back often.

If you have something that needs to be repaired, try here.

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GPE 135-103 Replacement for Bally AS-2518-18/-49 or Stern TA-100
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GPE 135-103 replacement Rectifier Board Assembly
Replaces Bally AS-2518-18/-49 and Stern TA-100

Wired version includes attached wires with the bare ends stripped, tinned,
and labled as to where the attach to your Bally or Stern transformer

Here's a real nice third-party replacement board for a Bally AS-2518-18 or
Stern TA-100 Rectifier Board. It is also compatible with Bally AS-2518-49
Rectifier Boards thanks to a 9-Pin J1 Header Row.

This assembly is brand new using one of Great Plains Electronics superior
designed boards and all new installed components. This board as never been
in a machine and has only been powered up once in order to test it. Constructed
with extra beefy bridge rectifiers and properly fused, this board will last a
lifetime in a properly working Bally pinball machine. Again, its compatible with
both AS-2518-18 and AS-2518-49 (KISS, Space Invaders, and Future Spa),
and Stern TA-100 rectifier boards. Complete and ready to go, all you have to
do is solder the wires from your machine's transformer to the bottom of
the board (instructions included).

Along with the assembled board, you'll also receive a connector kit, mounting
posts, and a plastic sheild with additional mounting posts (click here).

Two versions are available: the board as pictured above, which must be soldered
to the wires that were attached to your old rectifier board, and a wired board
for either Bally or Stern which comes with attached wires that can be easily
soldered to your existing transformer.

Compatible with the following Bally machines:
Freedom, Night Rider, Evel Knievel, Eight Ball, Power Play, Mata Hari,
Strikes & Spares, Black Jack, Lost World, Six Million Dollar Man, Playboy,
Voltan, Supersonic, Star Trek, Paragon, Harlem Globetrotters, Dolly Parton,
KISS, Future Spa, Space Invaders, Nitro Groundshaker, Silverball Mania,
Rolling Stones, Mystic, Hotdoggin', Viking, Skateball, Frontier.

Plus the following Stern machines:
Pinball, Stingray, Stars, Memory Lane, Lectronamo, Wildfyre, Nugent, Dracula,
Trident, Hot Hand, Magic, Meteor, Galaxy, Ali, Big Game, Seawitch, Cheetah,
Quicksilver, Stargazer, Nineball, Iron Maiden, Viper, Dragonfist, Flight 2000,
Free Fall, Lightning, Split Second, Catacomb, Orbitor One

I only have a few of these available at this time,
so act fast if you want one.

If you need this installed in your game but do not have the tools or expertise
to do the job yourself, send your transformer and old board assembly to me
and I will install a wired version for $90.00, plus return shipping.

* All prices do not include shipping *

PayPal is the prefered payment method and will result in the quickest turnaround of your order
Pay me w/ PayPal!

I try to post plenty of pictures and accurate descriptions. If you need more information,
feel free to e-mail me Mail Icon by removing the NO_S*P*A*M_.

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