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Dear loyal customers and friends,

I will no longer accept new work for anything other than Bally Home Version Series I and Series II power suppy boards, and Bally AS-2518-18, AS2518-49, and AS-2518-54 Rectifier Boards. I cannot, and will not accept any other boards for repair.

After weeks of self-deliberations, I came to the realization that I can no longer maintain a reasonable schedule for repairing pinball equipment. The work schedule at my job has me working 10-12 hour days on a regular basis. Couple that with personal situations at home that consume more of my time and mental energy. In the end, I am drained both physically and mentally and can no longer muster up the enthusiasm that I once had when it comes to pinball repair.

It saddens me to have to do this because I really do enjoy working with you and your pinball stuff but I just have to give it a rest. For how long I cannot say at this time but until my situations change at work and/or at home, I can no longer pursue this hobby of mine.

I truly appreciate all the business and support I have received from folks like you, and perhaps sometime in the near future my situation will change and I can take it up again, but for now I have to stop.

Again, I honestly appreciate your business, and cherish the many relationships I have made over the years.

Steve Kulpa

   Bally Repair
   Bally Home Version Repair
   Stern Repair
   Gottlieb Repair - No Longer Available
   Williams Repair
   Gameplan Repair

I make House Calls too.

I also have stuff for sale from time to time here

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