Power Play Fuses

Fuses on the Rectifier Board Small fuse on the Solenoid Board Solenoid fuse under the Playfield

You'll find fuses in three different places: On the rectifier board located inside the head, on the solenoid driver/regulator board located in the upper right corner inside the head, and one underneath the playfield, near the right flipper assembly.

Here's a chart showing all the different fuses in a Power Play pinball machine (all fuses are fast-blow type unless otherwise noted):

Fuse Amperage Location Description
F1 10 Amp Power Board Switched Illumination
F2 3/4 Amp SB Power Board Supplies 190 Volt Regulator
F3 4 Amp Power Board Supplies 5 Volt Regular
F4 5 Amp SB Power Board Solenoids, Zero Crossing
F5 20 Amp Power Board General Illumination
F6 3 Amp SB Power Board AC Power
F1 1 Amp SB Under the Playfield Most Solenoids
F? 3/16 Amp (8AG) Solenoid Driver Board High Voltage Regulator

SB = Slow Blowing
All fuses are 1-1/4" by 1/4" except 8AG = 1" by 1/4" size

ACG = 3AG Fast Blow (1-1/4" by 1/4")
MDL = 3AG Slow Blow (1-1/4" by 1/4")
AGX = 8AG Fast Blow (1" by 1/4")

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