Bally Mata Hari Switch and Solenoid Numbers

The diagnostic test that looks for stuck (closed) switches will display the the first closed switch it finds in the Credit/Ball-In-Play display. If no switches are closed, "00" will be displayed. If more than one switch is closed, it will display the "first" one it finds. Opening this switch will then display the next closed switch, etc. Before performing this test, be sure to remove the ball, and reset BOTH banks of drop targets.

The diagnostic test that tests each solenoid will automatically cycle through all the solenoids, energizing them one by one. The solenoid currently under test will have it's number displayed in the player score display. To test the flippers, you should hold the flipper buttons in during the test cycle.

Switch Test Numbers Solenoid Test Numbers
Switch Number Function
01 n/a
02 n/a
03 n/a
04 n/a
05 n/a
06 Credit Button
07 Tilt (3x)
08 Outhole
09 Coin Chute #3 (right)
10 Coin Chute #1 (left)
11 Coin Chute #2 (middle)
12 n/a
13 n/a
14 n/a
15 n/a
16 Slam (2x)
17 Right Drop Target "D" (bottom)
18 Right Drop Target "C"
19 Right Drop Target "B"
20 Right Drop Target "A" (top)
21 Left Drop Target "D" (bottom)
22 Left Drop Target "C"
23 Left Drop Target "B"
24 Left Drop Target "A" (top)
25 Right Flipper Lane
26 Left Flipper Lane
27 Drop Target Rebound (2x)
28 Right "B" Lane
29 Left "A" Lane
30 Top "B" Lane
31 Top "A" Lane
32 Top Saucer
33 Right Outlane
34 Left Outlane
35 Right Slingshot
36 Left Slingshot
37 Bottom Right Pop Bumper
38 Bottom Left Pop Bumper
39 Top Right Pop Bumper
40 Top Left Pop Bumper
Solenoid Number Function
01 Outhole Kicker
02 Knocker
03 Chime 10
04 Chime 100
05 Chime 1,000
06 Chime 10,000
07 Bottom Left Pop Bumper
08 Top Left Pop Bumper
09 Top Right Pop Bumper
10 Bottom Right Pop Bumper
11 Left Slingshot
12 Right Slingshot
13 Top Saucer
14 Left Drop Target Reset
15 Right Drop Target Reset
16 Coin Lockout Relay
17 Flipper Enable Relay

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