The Mata Hari manual is almost correct with the rubber chart, but not quite. There are 7 different rubber parts, for a total of 18 pieces. Here's all the rubber you need for your Mata Hari (all sizes are in inches and are inside diameter unless otherwise noted):

Qty Item Size
1 Shooter Tip n/a
1 Rebound Bumper 1-1/2", OD
2 Flipper Rings 1-1/2"
4* Rings 5/16"
5 Rings 1-1/2"
1 Ring 2"
4** Rings 2-1/2"
* - The diagram in the manual does not show where these go - they go under the two upper A & B lane guides.
** - The chart in the manual calls for 6 of the 2-1/2" rings, but I only found places for 4. I'm assuming they double-ring the posts behind the drop targets (?)

Item Qty ID
Application Key
Tip 1 Std. Ball Shooter Tip A
Bumper 1 1-1/2"
Rebound Bumper B
Flipper Ring 2 1-1/2" Flippers C
Ring 4 5/16" Post ring under A & B Lane Guides D
Ring 5 1-1/2" Top and bottom of Alley Ways and left side of A Lane E
Ring 1 2" Right side of B Lane F
Ring 4 2-1/2" Sling Shots and behind Drop Targets G

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