Mata Hari Parts List

Here's the parts lists that I simply copied from the Operator's Manual. I organized them into 3 categories. I take no responsibility for accuracy, completeness, etc.

Individual Parts Assemblies Paperwork
Qty Description P/N
5 1-1/2" dia. Ring R-521-2
1 2" dia. Ring R-521-3
6 2-1/2" dia. Ring R-521-4
2 Flipper Ring R-406-3
4 5/16" dia. Ring R-243
1 Arch Rail M-1774
1 Arch Rail Post C-907
1 Arch Rail Post Cap C-908
1 Bottom Arch P-5871-57
1 Shooter Gauge P-6359-23
1 Ball Gate A-1475-9
1 Screened Plastics M-1330-141
2 Pop Bumper Cap
(Red 1000 w. Lit)
2 Pop Bumper Cap
(Yellow 100 pts.)
2 Wire Ball Guide
(upper outlane)
2 Wire Ball Guide
(top shooter lane)
2 Wire Ball Guide
(lower A-B alley)
1 Wire Ball Guide
(lower left outlane)
1 Wire Ball Guide
(lower right outlane)
2 Wire Ball Guide
(behind flippers)
2 Wire Ball Guide
(upper A-B alley)
2 Plastic Lane Guide C-935-1
4 Ball Guide
(behind DTs)
1 Transformer E-122-125
4 Chime coil CN-31-2000
1 Coin Lockout Coil FO-36-7000
2 Flipper Coil A1-25-500/34-5050
1 Knocker Coil AR-26-1200
1 Outhole Coil AN-26-1200
1 Saucer Coil AO-27-1300
4 Pop Bumper Coil AN-26-1200
2 Slingshot Coil AN-26-1200
2 DT Reset Coil NO-26-1900
Qty Description P/N
1 R. Drop Target Assy. AS-2795-44
1 L. Drop Target Assy. AS-2795-45
1 Right Guide Rail Assembly A-3032-24
1 Left Guide Rail Assembly A-3032-25
6 Rollover Wire Assy. AS-2806
2 Rollover Wire Assy. AS-2806-24
1 Outhole Wire Assy. AS-2806-21
1 Ball Rebound Assy. AS-493-6
2 Flipper & Shaft Assy. AS-2214-24
1 A5 Lamp Driver Module AS-2518-23
5 A1 Display Driver Module AS-2518-21
1 A3 Solenoid Driver/Regulator Module AS-2518-22
1 A4 MPU Module AS-2887-6
1 A2 Transformer/Rectifier Assy. AS-2877-1
1 Rectifier Board
(part of A2)
Qty Description P/N
1 Operator's Manual FO 579
1 Instruction Card
Std. Replay 5-Ball
1 Score Card
Std. Replay 5-Ball*
1 Instruction Card
Std. Replay 3-Ball
1 Score Card
Std. Replay 3-Ball**
1 Instruction Card
Std. X-Ball 5-Ball
1 Score Card
Std. X-Ball 5-Ball*
1 Instruction Card
Std. X-Ball 3-Ball
1 Score Card
Std. X-Ball 3-Ball*
1 Instruction Card
Std. Novelty 5-Ball
1 Instruction Card
Std. Novelty 3-Ball
* Replay at 300,000 - 440,000 - 580,000
   X-Ball at 300,000 - 420,000
** Replay at 200,000 - 340,000 - 480,000
    X-Ball at 180,000 - 320,000

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