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Ok, so it looks like crap, I admit. That's the only way I can afford a machine like this, so I bought this one that needs LOTS of work, and fix it up and bring it back to life (I hope)!

I bought this from a guy in Kansas and my friend Todd stored it for me at his place until he made a trip to Tennessee. I finally got it at my house in 2004 and man, it is beat!!! Shot backglass, rotting cabinet, and lots of rust inside the head. The playfield and stuff under it look pretty good, considering how bad they could have looked.

Below are the pictures that the previous owner sent me, so feel free to take a look. Just click on any thumbnail to see a bigger picture. After I took a closer look at everything, I decided it was not worth the effort to restore, so I parted it out and was able to recover all the money I had spent on ot. I'll just have to keep my eye open for another one later.

Here's some more information on Egg Head, if you're interested. If you own a Egg Head machine but do not have a manual for it, some of this stuff may be of use to you.

For now all this stuff is empty, but as I learn more about this machine, I'll fill it in later

Rubber Ring
Rules of
Egg Head
Fuses Solenoid and
Lamp Info

If you own an Egg Head, I'd love to hear from you and share info/parts/etc. Just send me an e-mail Mail Icon by removing the NO_S*P*A*M_ and tell me all about your machine.

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