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Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man Pinball Solenoid and Lamp Assignments

Baby Pac-Man uses an AS-2518-107 Lamp/Solenoid Driver Combo board instead of the usual driver boards found in other Bally solid states. This board has 14 soleonid driver circuits and 30 lamp driver circuits. It also contains the 5-Volt regulator and the flipper enable relay. To complicate things, the lamp drivers can control 2 lamps each, one on the "A" phase and the other on the "B" phase. I'm not exactly sure what this means, but I assume this refers to the AC voltage used to power the controlled lamps. Unlike other rectifier boards, the AS-2518-132 rectifier board used in this machine does not rectify the voltage used for the controlled lamps, so half work on the positive cycle of the AC voltage, and the other half work on the negative cycle.

The following table lists each driver transistor, the coil it drives,
the pre-driver IC associated with it along with the pin numbers of the base and collector (respectively),
and the decoder IC BINARY input signals (ABCD) and output pin number.

Coil CA3081
Pre-Driver IC
Q31 #5 Drop Target, Right Side U3, 16, 1 110/9
Q32 Not Used U3, 10, 9 101/10
Q33 #3 Drop Target U3, 11, 12 100/11
Q34 Not Used U3, 13, 14 011/12
Q35 #1 Drop Target, Left side U5, 16, 1 010/13
Q36 5 Drop Target Reset U5, 6, 4 001/14
Q37 Outhole Kicker U5, 8, 7 000/15
Q38 Right Maze Saucer U5, 10, 9 n/a
Q39 Left Maze Saucer U5, 11, 12 n/a
Q40 Flipper Enable Relay U5, 13, 14 n/a

"n/a" Decoder info indicates these drivers get their signals as continuous
solenoids directly from the MPU at A4J4-8, 9, and 10 and not the Decoder IC.

This table lists all the 2N5060 SCRs on the Lamp Driver module, the name of the lamp it drives,
the decoder IC associated with the SCR along with the BINARY input signals (AD0, AD1, AD2, AD3) and output pin,
and the name of the 2K Ohm resistor (red/black/red) connected to the decoder output.

Lamp MC14514
2K Ohm
Q1 Pac Man Maze Aggressive U1, 0111/4 R7
Q2 #1 Pac-Man U1, 1101/13 R3
Q3 #5 Pac-Man U1, 1110/16 R2
Q4 "Up" Direction Arrow U1, 1011/19 R1
Q5 3-Drop Target 20K U1, 0110/5 R8
Q6 #8 Yellow Pac Maze U1, 0001/9 R12
Q7 #12 Yellow Pac Maze U1, 0010/10 R13
Q8 #4 Yellow Pac Maze U1, 0000/11 R14
Q9 #2 Pac-Man U2, 1101/13 R15
Q10 "M" Right Drop Target U2, 1110/16 R11
Q11 "A" Left Drop Target U3, 0111/4 R10
Q12 "Right" Direction Arrow U2, 1011/19 R9
Q13 "P" Left Drop Target U2, 0111/4 R22
Q14 3-Drop Target 30K U2, 0110/5 R23
Q15 #7 Yellow Pac Maze U2, 0001/9 R27
Lamp MC14514
2K Ohm
Q16 "A" Drop Target U3, 1110/16 R26
Q17 3-Drop Target Pac-Man U3, 0110/5 R25
Q18 #2 Yellow Pac Maze U3, 0000/11 R45
Q19 #22 Yellow Pac Maze U3, 0101/6 R38
Q20 #6 Yellow Pac Maze U3, 0001/9 R41
Q21 "Down" Direction Arrow U3, 1011/9 R24
Q22 #4 Pac-Man U4, 1101/13 R44
Q23 #10 Yellow Pac Maze U3, 0010/10 R43
Q24 "N" Right Drop Target U4, 1110/16 R42
Q25 Left Gate Arrow U4, 1001/17 R40
Q26 #5 Yellow Pac Maze U4, 0001/9 R55
Q27 #9 Yellow Pac Maze U4, 0010/10 R56
Q28 Credit Indicator U4, 1010/20 R37
Q29 "Left" Direction Arrow U4, 1011/19 R39
Q30 #1 Yellow Pac Maze U4, 0000/11 R57

I got all this information from the schematics and pretty much copied it verbatim.

If you notice any mistakes (I'm only human), please let me know and I'll fix it up.

If you need to know which solenoid driver transistor goes to which solenoid driver board connector, Click Here.

If you need to know which lamp SCR goes to which lamp driver board connector, Click Here.

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