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Black Hole is loaded with fuses, 22 last time I counted. Here's some info to help the novice make sense of all this. I highly recommend you TURN THE POWER OFF before attempting to change any fuse. Also, only replace fuses with the exact match, both amperage and fast or slow blowing. Slow-blow fuses are used in circuits that experience a short surge in current, such as solenoids. Regular fuses, or fast-blow, are usually used for things like lamps. If you have a fuse that keeps blowing, don't just stick one back in with a higher amperage rating, but instead find the problem and fix it.

Primary Power Fuse

The Primary Power Fuse (F9), is located on the bottom of the cabinet, just to the right inside the coin door, just next to the on/off switch housing. For 110 VAC use, it's a 5 amp slow-blow fuse. To replace it, turn off the power, then twist the knob 1/4 turn counter-clockwise and remove the fuse holder. Replace the fuse and put the holder back in, being sure to turn it 1/4 turn clockwise to lock it in.

Main Fuse Panel

The Main Fuse Panel is located inside the cabinet, on the right wall, just under and slightly forward of the right flipper button. You can see it by looking in the coin door to the right, or when you lift the upper playfield up. It contains 8 fuses, F1 - F8.

F1: 1/2 Amp slow-blow, Sound/Speech Power Supply 12VDC
F2: 5 Amp slow-blow, Power Supply 10 VAC
F3: 1/4 Amp slow-blow, Display Power Supply 60VAC
F4: 8 Amp slow-blow, Solenoid Power Supply 25VAC
F5: 10 Amp, Controlled Lamps 8VAC
F6: 10 Amp, Playfield General Illumination 6.3VAC
F7: 15 Amp, Backbox 6.3VAC
F8: 1 Amp slow-blow, Sound/Speech Power Supply 24VDC

Upper Playfield Fuses

The Upper Playfield Fuse Panel is located underneath the playfield, in the top righthand corner. If you've rasied your playfield in the machine, you have to look all the way down to the "top" of the playfield to find it. It contains 7 fuses, F10 - F16.

F10: 2-1/2 Amp slow-blow, Right Pop Bumper
F11: 2-1/2 Amp slow-blow, Bottom Left Pop Bumper
F12: 2-1/2 Amp slow-blow, Upper Center Pop Bumper
F13: 2-1/2 Amp slow-blow, Lower Center Pop Bumper
F14: 2 Amp slow-blow, Drop Target Reset (both banks)
F15: 1 Amp slow-blow, Outhole and Captive Hole Kicker
F16: 1 Amp slow-blow, Ball Trough Gate

Lower Playfield Fuses

The Lower Playfield Fuses are in two different panels. The first panel in located underneath the playfield on the right side (as you hold the playfield up in the machine), and contains fuses F17-F20. The second panel is also underneath on the left side, and contains fuses F21-F22.

F17: 6-1/4 Amp slow-blow, Upkicker Solenoid
F18: 2 Amp slow-blow, 4-Target Drop Target Reset
F19: 1 Amp slow-blow, Ball Return Gate
F20: 1 Amp slow-blow, 3-Target Drop Target Reset

F21: 2 Amp slow-blow, Right Pop Bumper
F22: 2 Amp slow-blow, Center Pop Bumper

If you're heading to the store to stock up, here's a quick shopping list:

1/4 Amp slow-blow (1x)
1/2 Amp slow-blow (1x)
1 Amp slow-blow (5x)
2 Amp slow-blow (4x)
2-1/2 Amp slow-blow (4x)
5 Amp slow-blow (2x)
6-1/4 Amp slow-blow (1x)
8 Amp slow-blow (1x)
10 Amp (2x)
15 Amp (1x)

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