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On this page, I'll show you how to replace drop targets on an early solid state Bally pinball machine. I'm using my Power Play as an example and other machines of the same era are very similar (Mata Hari, Eight Ball, etc.).

  1. To begin, raise up the playfield. I like to raise it up, pull it out a bit so the edge falls into the slots on the playfield rails, then lay it up against the head. Be sure to check that the head won't put undo stress on any plastic parts, and pad it w/ a towel or something if it does (picture). You'll notice the two drop target cages about in the middle of the playfield.
  2. Then remove the 4 screws that hold the base (w/ the switches) on the cage, and notice how the levers line up in the slots on the base in the first picture (picture, picture, and picture). Sometimes an offset screwdriver comes in handy. Also notice how the bracket thing on the back side is oriented so you can put it back on properly.
  3. Remove the base and place it aside (no need to remove any switches or wires) and before you dig in, take a good look and see how the levers line up in the slots, and how the springs are set, as you'll have to put it all back together later (picture). The bar you see across the levers is used to lift all the targets up when the solenoid attached to the bar is energized. Gravity then pulls it back down and out of the way when the solenoid is off.
  4. Here you can clearly see the busted drop target (picture).
  5. Remove the spring from the target's stem using small pliers or your fingers ( picture). Be careful not to bend the wire or stretch the spring.
  6. Hard part! Grab the "E" ring w/ some pliers and remove it (blurry picture and picture). This sucker is hard to remove from it's stud and you'll have better luck if your pliers have teeth on them. Smooth pliers will just slip off.
  7. With the "E" ring removed you can then remove the stud (picture). This stud attaches the target to the lever.
  8. Once the stud is removed, you can slide the lever out of the target's base and remove it (picture).

Now it's time to install the new target. If you're replacing more than one, go ahead and remove them all first, then put the new ones in. Since it's a little cramped in there, I find it easiest to replace more than one by starting w/ the lowest one, then working my way up.

Once you remove the target, the lever that works the target will probably move around on the shaft that supports it. No big deal, just remember to line it up in the proper slot when you put stuff back together.

  1. Start by inserting the new target (picture). Be sure to put it in properly so the face of the target is pointing in the proper direction (just like the others).
  2. You then need to insert the tip of the lever into the slot on the base of the target (picture). You should be able to tilt the target some in order to get the lever in the slot. If you must bend the target's stem, be very careful or you'll break it (again)!
  3. With the lever in the proper place, replace the stud it it's hole (picture).
  4. Then place the "E" ring back onto the groove on the stud and snap it back into place with some pliers (picture and picture). Make sure it snaps into place and that the three "feet" are seated in the groove. This may take a couple tries before you get it on properly
  5. Now put the target's lever back into it's proper slot (picture), and then re-attach the spring to the target's stem (picture).
  6. Replace the base making sure all the levers line up in the proper slots (picture).
  7. Don't forget this funny looking thing (picture).
  8. Replace the screws, two in back (picture) and two in front (picture)

All Done!

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