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All information on this page pertains to the first generation of Bally Solid State machines (Power Play, Mata Hari, Freedom, etc.). This includes the -17 and -35 MPU boards and the AS2518-16 and -22 Solenoid Driver board. Some of the information I'm presenting here I learned while servicing my own boards, some I got out of the operator's manual, and a whole lot of it I learned by reading Clay's Bally Repair Guide, which I HIGHLY recommend.

As I learn more about additional Bally models, I'll add it to this page.

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Bally parts for sale

Bally Repair Service

Basic information about Coin Mechanisms

ASB-2600-9XX Coin Door Assembly (early solid state model)

All About Bally 6-Digit Displays

A great way to protect the glass display nipples

How the Solenoid Driver works

AS-2518-18 Wiring Updated

Rebuild your AS-2518-49 Rectifier Board

How to Hook Up an AS-2518-54 Rectifier Board

How to properly mount an AS-2518-54 Rectifier Board

All about Pop Bumpers

All about the Play-More Post

Replacing Bally Drop Targets (Style 1)

All about Flippers

Dip Switch Settings

Bally Coin Door Adjustments

Solenoid and Lamp Driver Information

Solenoid Transistor-to-Connector Mappings (AS-2518-16/22)

Solenoid Transistor-to-Connector Mappings (AS-2518-107)

Lamp Driver SCR-to-Connector Mappings (AS-2518-16/22)

Lamp Driver SCR-to-Connector Mappings (AS-2518-107)

Auxiliary Lamp Driver SCR-to-Connector Mappings

Modifying the Solenoid/Regulator Module for 3AG Fuses

There's always more to come...

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