Want to join this happy group of pinheads?

Then all you have to do is e-mail your picture to me,
agree to the conditions mentioned below
and your in.

Just a few guidelines:

- Please try to submit a photo that's in focus, and shows your face -
- The bigger the better, I can reduce it if need be -
- No obscene gestures, please -
- Once submitted, all photos become my property to do w/ as I please -
- I reserve the right to refuse your photo and not post it -
- I reserve the right to remove your photo at a future date -
- I will respect your request to remove your photo at a future date -
- Show us your pinball stuff too - not a requirement, just nicer -
- RGP Trolls are NOT welcome, so don't bother -
Please be sure to include your name, and if you have an rgp handle, include that too. I'm also happy to post a short blurb about yourself and your love of the hobby, and a URL to your own web site too.

Don't forget to remove the NO_S*P*A*M_ stuff from my e-mail address.

Thanks! Steve

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