Rainbow Music Hall #2
Steve cuttin' loose during the bass solo
in Nothing To Say at the Rainbow Music Hall

TitleWritten ByComments
And Now I Want You Back With MeWords & Music by Steve KulpaReal nice ballad-type song, but all the girls screaming spoiled it
Blink TwiceWords & Music by Scott BrackenReal short - Usually ended before most folks got out of their seats
Casuality of LoveWords & Music by Scott BrackenA good crowd pleaser with some clever pauses and false endings
Corri SaysWords & Music by Ricky SonkinRicky complains about his roommate Lori in this song - When she shows up at a gig one night, he changes the title to Corri (what a wuss)
Don't Wait Up For MeWords & Music by Scott BrackenInteresting song, but I never figured out where it came from - Kinda like Scott's "dark side"
FactoryWords & Music by Scott BrackenScott singing about things he hates
FoodWords & Music by Steve KulpaSteve's favorite subject at the time
Go AwayWords & Music by Steve KulpaToo many lyrics - Chris could never remember all of them
I Don't Love YouWords & Music by Scott BrackenMade all the girls scream - Weird since it is such a simple song, and Ricky's backup vocals kinda sucked
I Wanna Dance With YouWords & Music by Steve KulpaNeat song, with a short Mambo thing in the middle
Machine Gun LoveWords by Chris Murdock, Music by Scott BrackenChris got the idea for this one while driving in the car one night, I can still see him walking in the door singing it - Made the single
Need JuhWords & Music by Scott BrackenScott's best song, and a favorite of our fans too
No, NoWords & Music by Steve KulpaWritten just before the trip to N.Y., this one never made it on any of our tapes - Too bad, it had some nice drums
Nothin' To SayWords & Music by Ricky SonkinA pretty good song, well sung, with a bass solo too
Psycho SurferWords & Music by The DefexScott & Steve came up with intro hook one night while just fartin' around - Made the single too
Ripped, Torn, & TatteredWords & Music by Steve KulpaGood drums to this one, and some well thought out rhymes
Ruined For LifeWords & Music by Steve KulpaSteve's worst nightmare
Running Out On MeWords & Music by Steve KulpaMy all time favorite - by far the best melody and harmonies - I wanted this to be on the single, but got out-voted
Some BodyWords & Music by Steve KulpaAnother of my favorites - nice bouncy bass lines with good drums behind it, and a good guitar break in the middle too
There Ought To Be A LawWords & Music by Steve KulpaSteve get's it off his chest. Nice bass lines.
Those Boss DudesWords & Music by Scott BrackenA song about The Violators, a group from Denver
Time On My HandsWords & Music by Steve KulpaI always liked the lyrics to this one - Nice guitar chops too
Toxic Shock SyndromeWords & Music by Steve KulpaSaw a news item about some kid that got this, and got inspired (way before the it became a wide-spread disease)
TuffWords & Music by Steve KulpaThis was our first song as a group - Ricky's idea about the high-hat made it a good song - Good warm-up song that we usually opened up with
Turn On YouWords & Music by Scott BrackenThe second song we wrote - high energy from start to finish - Whipped it up while sitting in Loren's trailer
Wants And NeedsWords & Music by Steve KulpaGreat ending! Still makes me rush today - I give Sonkin 1/4 credit for it, which is probably more than he deserves
You're My GirlWords & Music by Steve KulpaA nice bouncy song - Too bad Steve's harmonies stink

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Here's the cover songs too
Dead Heat On A Merry-Go-RoundAlan MilmanAlan had a knack for coming up with very good lyrics - This song was a fine example of that
Do It AgainThe Beach BoysStarts out slow, then look out! - A real good cover of a song no one ever heard of
Feel A Whole Lot BetterThe ByrdsAn excellent cover arranged by Scott
Just My StyleGary LewisI hated this song, we tried it slow, we tried it fast, it sucked! - Only did it cuz Ricky's buddy's band did a GL song and he wanted to do one too - PU
KicksPaul Revere & The RaidersI never knew this song was about drugs until we covered it
TomorrowA friend of Ricky'sReal good song - I wished I had wrote it - Ricky has a drum sola too
You Really Got MeThe KinksActually started out with All Day And All Of The Night, then we switched songs once it got rolling, but I don't think anyone got it

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