Weller SP-23L 25 Watt Soldering Iron

If you're looking for a good reliable 25 Watt, 750 degree-F soldering iron for general purpose soldering, the SP23L is a great choice. I've been using this iron for years. I do a lot soldering, a few hours or more per day, and this iron holds up fairly well. I'm sure it's not designed for the type of duty I put them through as I usually wear them out in about 8 months or so, but for the price, it's still well worth it. If your demands are lighter then mine, then you will have no problems with the SP23L.

I prefer the conical tip (MT-1) and I wish the tips lasted longer. I get about 30-40 hours of use from a new tip before they start to pit. Once the pitting gets bad enough, I have to file a new point on the tip, which removes all of the plating, which means it's just going to pit and corrode even more. That's my only beef about the SP-234L - The tip life. The nickel-chromium plating they use does not do a good job of protecting the tip so they tend to pit rather quickly.

You can get a new SP-23L for under $15 at most outlets. The MT-1 tips are $4 and change for a two pack. Here are two examples from a Stanley outlet (no recommedation, just using Stanley as an example):

Weller SP-23L Soldering Iron
Weller MT-1 Soldering Iron Tip

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