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At this time, I am limiting my services to repairing Bally AS-2518-18, AS-2518-49, and AS-2518-54 rectifier boards only.

I am no longer offering any repair services on any other Bally professional model boards. In the future I may resume my repair service on a limited basis, but for now, I'm taking a break. I'm sorry this if causes you any inconveniences.

All repairs include brand new quality parts and everything is tested to make sure it's working properly BEFORE you pay. If I can't fix it, you don't pay (except for return postage and a small testing fee).

I charge fixed parts/labor rates for each repair, as listed in the pages below. Just click on whatever you're interested in:

Bally AS-2518-18 Rectifier Board

Bally AS-2518-49 Rectifier Board

Bally AS-2518-54 Rectifier Board

House Calls

I also have stuff for sale here

Of course, there's always Ts & Cs (revised again), and don't forget prices DO NOT include shipping.


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