Sometimes, bad things just happen to our pinball machines:

A burnt up -49 rectifier board (more).
Had Jimmy not been home to smell something burning
and unplugged it, he would have for sure lost his KISS
to a fire, and maybe his house! That was a close one!

The radial capacitor on the right blew, and it left
behind all that "fuzzy" stuff.

I've repaired over 100 displays, and have never
seen one blown out like this.

Blown rectifier board resistors!

Some driver transistors that got a little too hot.

This HV filter cap is about ready to blow chow


I wonder if this still worked?

Bam! again

A bad day for this MPU. Operator Error?

Ouch! Another bad day

No - I don't have a too-mah (spoken like Gov. Arnold)

Ouch again! Think there's a bad coil or two?
(One of those Ebay "Untested - don't know if it works or not" deals)


Then, sometimes PEOPLE do bad things:

Yep, that's a trash bag twist-tie, soldered to a pin on the processor
(they must have busted off the pin earlier)

Kind of pointless soldering a fuse to the clips
Might as well just soldered a piece of wire (or some tinfoil!)

I hate this - what a lazy ass - BUY A CONNECTOR!!!
Plus he didn't even remove the crimp-on pins - geeze

Wrong flipper pawl = no EOS switch = fried coil!
This guy put the left pawl on the right flipper, and vice versa - oops!

More fuse hacks - I vote this type of hack the most popular!

Not really a hack, more like "I don't have the proper fuse,
so I'll solder a garbage regular fuse to this little one, then get
one of those piggyback things I saw at Autozone and stick that on
there next. But gee, I don't have a 3/16 Amp fast blow fuse, so I'll
stick a 2-1/2 Amp SLOW BLOW in there instead. - yea, that should work".

Bad kickout coil? No problem, just tape up the entrance!


Get outta town! Tinfoil for a fuse?!?

New fuse clips are not that hard to install.

Is that a band-aid?!?
oops sorry - I mean is that a Band-Aid brand adhesive strip?

Is this some "mod" for using non-standard ROMs?
At least they did a good job of soldering (and the wires are pretty colors)

Not quite factory either. Nice heatsink though (not!)

Not quite factory, is it. Sad thing is normal parts are readily available

I guess, ..., if it works, but the original parts aren't THAT hard to find

I assume the resistors blew AFTER the header pins where hacked

Again, too lazy to repair it properly - I guess J10 is next?

My favorite - the ole "Too lazy to rebuild the connector" hack

Hmm, I don't remember seeing this "mod" in Clay's Repair Guide

OK, You removed the old bridge, but couldn't mount a new one properly?
(Bet his wife's pissed because the lamp no longer works)

I call this the "Golden Arches" fuse replacement

Feel free to Send Me pictures of your favorite hacks and wacks (Remove the NO_S*P*A*M_ before replying).

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