The Rules of Play for Bally Power Play depend some-what on the dip-switch settings and various conservative/liberal settings. I'll try to summarize these settings and give you a general idea of the basic rules of playing Power Play.

The game can be set up to play either 3 or 5 balls. This is controlled via a dip-switch on the MPU board.

Up to four players can play.

If a launched ball does not hit any scoring feature, the player gets the ball back and can launch it again. Once any scoring item is hit, the ball is in play and will end when the ball drains.

A ball starts with the following features enabled:

  • Bonus set to 1000 points
  • Kick-Out hole set to 3000 points
  • Play-More Post in the down position
  • Both banks of Drop Targets reset to the up position
  • The Rollovers in the upper left and right lanes are worth 1000 points each. When lit each will score a bonus advance, in addition to the 1000 points.

    The Rollover at the top of the Playfield scores 300 points, one bonus advance, and will raise the Play-More Post.

    The Target below the center Pop Bumper scores 300 points, one bonus advance, and will raise the Play-More Post.

    A ball through the left or right flipper lane will score 300 points and will lower the Play-More Post.

    A ball in the Kick-Out Hole will score 3 bonus advances, 3000 points, and will advance the score to the next value. This continues for 6000, 9000, 12000, and 15000 points not to mention the 3 bonus advances each time you land the ball in the saucer. In addition, making the 6000 point Kick-Out Hole will light the left lane Rollovers to score bonus advances, making the 12000 point Kick-Out Hole will light the right lane Rollovers to score bonus advances, and making the 15000 point Kick-Out Hole will light the Out-Lanes for special.

    The left and right Rollovers in the lower Playfield scores 100 points and lower the Play-More Post.

    The Rollover in the center of the lower Playfield will scores 1000 points and one bonus advance.

    When lit for Special, the left and right Out-Lanes will score one reply. The Out-Lane Special can be set to have both lit (liberal), or will light alternately (conservative).

    Each Drop Target is worth 300 points. Making an entire bank of Drop Targets will either reset the single bank (liberal) or will reset both banks (conservative), plus scores the following:

    Pop Bumpers score 100 points or 1000 points when lit.

    Out-Lanes score 1000 points and Special if lit.

    Sling Shots score 10 points.

    The Rubber Bumper behind the Drop Targets score 10 points.

    The Rubber Bumper near the Ball Entry Gate scores 50 points.

    The maximum bonus that can be collected is 29000 points.

    The bouns is collected when the ball drains.

    Depending on the dip-switch settings, a Special may be either an extra ball, or a reply.

    The maximum number of credits is 40 and is controlled by dip-switch settings.

    Only one Extra Ball can be earned during each ball in play and is awarded when the ball drains as "Same Player Shoots Again"'.

    Up to three score-to-beat values can be set up. One replay is scored for each score that is beat.

    Beating the High Score to Date scores 1, 2, or 3 replays, controlled by a dip-switch.

    A TILT will disqualify the ball in play.

    A SLAM will reset the machine, canceling all games in play.

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