Note: I like to put a 1-1/2" flipper ring around the rebound bumper too. It gives it a better bounce. Click Here and I'll show you what I mean.

The Power Play manual has the rubber assignments all wrong. There are 9 different rubber parts, for a total of 22 pieces, counting the extra flipper ring for the rebound bumper. Here's all the rubber you need for your Power Play (all sizes are in inches and are inside diameter unless otherwise noted):

Qty Item Size
1 Shooter Tip n/a
1 Rebound Bumper 1-1/2", OD
3 Flipper Rings 1-1/2"
3 Mini-Post Ring 7/16", OD
3 Rings 5/16"
5 Rings 1"
2 Rings 1-1/2"
4 Rings 2-1/2"

And a description of each:
Item Qty Diameter (inches) Application Key
Tip 1 Standard Ball Shooter Tip A
Bumper 1 1-1/2", OD Rebound Bumper B
Flipper Ring 1 1-1/2" Rebound Bumper Ring C
Flipper Ring 2 1-1/2" Main Flippers C
Ring 3 7/16", OD Mini-Post Ring D
Ring 3 5/16" Post Ring E
Ring 2 1" Top of Outlanes F
Ring 1 1" Bumper Ring by Upper Ball Gate F
Ring 2 1" Slapshot Flippers F
Ring 2 1-1/2" Bumpers Above Pop Bumpers G
Ring 2 2-1/2" Slingshots H
Ring 2 2-1/2" Behind Drop Targets H

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