Here's a great way to protect the fragile nipples on both Bally and Gottlieb displays

Even though the display below is a Bally, the procedure is the same for Gottlieb too.

Here's an unprotected Bally display.
Break that nipple and the display glass is garbage!

Take an orange wire nut and remove the spring w/ some pliers. Orange wire nuts are just the right size.

Drill a small hole in the top of the nut.
This will allow trapped air to escape to allow a better fit and quicker curing of the glue.

Put a little silicone rubber on the nipple.

Put some more inside the wire nut.

Stick the nut over the nipple, and twist it to distribute the silicone rubber
allowing a little to come out the hole you drilled.

Let it sit overnight so the silicone rubber will cure, and your all done!

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