Mata Hari has several features that make it a fun game to play:


You can collect up to 29,000 bonus points (1,000 points per advance) which are awarded when the ball drains. Bonus is collected as one advance each time a player passes through any of the A-B lanes or knocks down a drop target. Three advances are earned each time the ball lands in the Top Saucer. Bonus Multipliers are earned by the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th time you land in the Top Saucer (2x, 3x, and 5x).


A Saucer kick-out hole at the top of the playfield scores 3,000 points, 3 bonus advances, and progressively increases the Bonus Multiplier, from 2x, 3x, and finally 5x (2nd, 3rd, and 4th time hit).



There are two "A" lanes and two "B" lanes. By themselves, each lane scores 500 points. If you make both A and B, you get the score indicated on the playfield, and this score then increases to the next value. The more you make A-B, then higher the next one is worth, up to an Extra Ball, then a Special.


Mata Hari has two banks of Drop Targets. Each drop target is worth 500 points and one bonus increase. If you knock down all 8 targets, you get 50,000 points and they reset. If you knock them all down a second time, you get another 50,000 and a Special (replay).


Mata Hari has 4 Pop Bumpers. Two are fixed at 100 points per pop. The other two are 10 points or 1,000 points when lit. The first time a player makes A-B, the left lower left Pop Bumper will light for 1,000 points. The second time a player makes A-B, the lower right Pop Bumper will light for 1,000 points.

The left and right Outlanes are usually worth 1,000 points. They are lit for 50,000 points when you make the 2nd (left outlane) and 3rd (right outlane) Saucer hit.


High Score To Date feature that can awards each player up to 3 replays at the end of the game if the current High Score to Date has been beaten. Once beaten, the score is replaced with the new High Score to Date.

Mata Hari, along with all early Bally solid state machines, has really LOUD knocker (I LOVE that sound!).

Gotta love those too!

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