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Back in May of 2001 I purchased a great EM pin, Gottlieb's Jumping Jack. My first EM! I haven't even looked at it yet, so for now it's waiting it's turn for an overhaul. I haven't gotten to this one yet, and so far all I have to show you are some before pictures. Go ahead and take a look, and I'll update the page when I start to overhaul it.

First off, take a look at this nice backglass. The only problems are with the orange paint. I have seen this on other older Gottlieb backglasses too, must be something about the orange paint and the heat of the lamps. Anyway, this backglass needs some work and that is on my project list.

JJ Backglass JJ Backglass

That's all I have for now. I'll update this page with the progress of my restoration as it takes place. Maybe sometime near the end of 2001.

Alias, I found a sweet deal on a Gottlieb Black Hole machine, so I sold my Jumping Jack in order to help offset the costs. I never did get around to fixing it, or even plugging it in. O-Well.


Thanks to An Ugly Flyer Reference Site for their nice collection of pinball flyers, including Jumping Jack

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