Since the playfield on my Joker Poker was in excellent condition, I decided to have it clear coated. There was a small spot near the left sling shot that was getting bigger, plus the black rings around the inserts needed to be touched up, so I sent it off to Bill Davis. This was towards the end of October, 2002. I got it back the following January and it looked FANTASTIC! Bill touched up all the art work that I had asked him to do, fixed some damage that the previous owner had inflicted, and gave it the nicest finish I have ever seen.

Here's some before pictures, just click on any thumbnail:

Here's the best over-all before picture I can find

The area with the wear spot and the damage

More places that need touch-up

Notice the black ring around the insert

And around these inserts too

Bill did a fantastic job on the big red section between the flippers. Instead of just touching up the bad spots, he masked off the other areas and repainted the entire red section. He repainted the yellow boots too. This way he didn't have to worry about matching the paint exactly.

Here are the after pictures that go with the pictures above:

Overall View #1

Overall View #2

The area with the wear spot and the damage
All the red was repainted

More places that need touch-up
see how he fixed the "A" on the Ace?

Notice the black ring around the insert
how much better it looks

Check out the inserts!

Here's some more after pictures, just click on any thumbnail. I polished all the wire guides and the small stainless nuts that hold down the plastics. I cleaned or replaced all the rubber too. Plus it got a brand new ball!

Another overall view

Ball's eye view w/ new drop targets too.

Check out the new plastics

Finally, and this is not for the faint of heart, take a look at how I managed to make a major screw-up and damage the clear coat - before I even got to play 1 game. Just Click Here.

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