Gottlieb's Joker Poker has several features that make it a fun game to play:


Drop Targets galore! Joker Poker has 5 banks of drop targets for a total of 15 targets. Making each bank for the first time lights it's corresponding bouns value, and making the spotted bank lights the 5x bonus multiplier.

An additional flipper is located in the upper playfield which helps to keep the ball alive, and also assists in making the Aces bank of drop targets.

Two lively Pop Bumpers for lots of action


Top lanes, flipper lanes, and out lanes are labeled either "A", "B", or "C". Making A-B-C lights the Extra Ball feature, which when hit awards the player a free ball (same player shoots again). Unfortunately, there's only one way to make the "A" and "C" without draining the ball.

A target to award a Free Ball when lit and a lane to award a Special when lit

Each ball can accumulate up to 15000 points as bonus, plus if you make the spotted drop targets you get a 5x multiplier, for a total of 45000 maximum bonus points, collected when the ball drains. Making a set of drop targets for the first time lights the corresponding bonus. The spotted drop target changes each ball: 1st ball = 10s, 2nd ball = Jacks, 3rd ball = Queens, 4th ball = Kings, and 5th ball = Aces.

Note: You "automatically" get the spotted card bouns, since it's corresponding light is already lit when the ball is served up. In other words, the bouns light is automatically lit for the Jacks on the first ball, Queens on the second ball, etc. Making the spotted card's targets lights the 5x multiplier.

Drop targets are normally worth 500 points each. When you light a card's bouns light, each target will then be worth 5000 points, plus you get an additional 5000 points for making the entire set (you have to make both 10's and Jacks's to reset them). So, once you light the bouns light for a set of targets, continue to bang away at them and rack up the points. That's the secret to beating this machine, pound the Queens! They're right in front, and real easy to hit. Just keep beating them to death and watch the score take off. For some reason the 10 card is a real bitch to hit, and you have to hit it in order to reset the Jacks, so I just pound the Queens.

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