Genie Solenoid and Lamp Assignments
Q5 Spin Target
Q6 Advance Multiplier
Q7 Bottom "D" Rollover
Q8 Bottom "C" Rollover
Q9 Bottom "A" Rollover
Q10 Bottom "B" Rollover
Q11 Left "Extra Ball"
Q12 5000 When Lit
Q13 Top "C" Rollover
Q14 Top "D" Rollover
Q15 Top "B" Rollover
Q16 Top "A" Rollover
Q17 Special
Q18 Score Bonus When Lit
Q19 5x Bonus
Q20 4x Bonus
Q21 2x Bonus
Q22 3x Bonus
Q23 1,000 Bonus
Q24 2,000 Bonus
Q33 3,000 Bonus
Q34 4,000 Bonus
Q35 5,000 Bonus
Q36 6,000 Bonus
Q37 7,000 Bonus
Q38 8,000 Bonus
Q39 9,000 Bonus
Q40 10,000 Bonus
Q41 20,000 Bonus
Q42 Not Used
Q43 Not Used
Q44 Right "Extra Ball"
Q25 Knocker
Q26 Not Used
Q27 Not Used
Q28 Not Used
Q30 4-Pos. Drop Target Reset
Q31 Kickout Hole
Q32 Outhole Kicker

Lamp or Coil
Q1 Game Over Relay ("Q")
Q2 Tilt Relay ("T")
Q3 High Score To Date
Q4 Same Player Shoots Again
(Backglass & Playfield)
Q29 Drives Q45 (2N3055)

Q45 7-Pos Drop Target Reset (via Q29)


If you notice any mistakes (I'm only human), please let me know and I'll fix it up.

If you need to know which driver transistor goes to which driver board connector, Click Here.

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