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In early July 2002 I copped a great Flash Gordon machine. It's pretty dirty, as the before photos below show. My plan was to fix it up, play it a while, then sell it.

It came with an almost mint backglass.

Here's some close-up before and after pictures so you can see how dirty this thing was

Here are before and after shots of the entire playfield. Just click on either thumbnail to see a bigger picture. As you can see, after I cleaned and waxed it, it looked pretty good.

Here's some more misc. pictures:


I installed a memory capacitor on the MPU instead of a battery pack

Another thing I did was to work on the flippers. The picture on the left is the original flipper setup. I had problems w/ them sticking a little bit at the end of stroke, and didn't want to buy new plungers, stops, and cranks, so I found some older style parts in my Bally box of spares, and retro-fitted the older style plungers and cranks, as shown in the picture on the right. They work just fine.

WRONG! - They don't work just fine, at least they did until I left from my delivery. The next day I got a call from the new owner complaining about the flipper sticking in the up position - not good. I took another look at what I had done and now I think I know what's going on. Notice on the picture on the right how the flipper shaft sticks out from the crank? Turns out the original cranks are thicker and w/ the older style cranks, the set screws have a hard time seating since the shaft was made for the thicker cranks. Bottom line is that the small nylon disks on the original cranks had small flat spots on them and that's why they flippers were sticking. I've ordered new cranks of the original design and will replace them back w/ the original equipment.

Finally, here it is with it's new owner, Chris (the one w/ the big grin on his face)

If you're looking for parts for your Flash Gordon, or other Bally machine, you might find some here.
I also do Bally board repair work. If you need some work done, look here

Here's some more information on Flash Gordon, if you're interested. If you own a Flash Gordon machine but do not have a manual for it, some of this stuff may be of use to you.

Rubber Ring
Rules of
Flash Gordon
Dip Switch
Fuses Solenoid and
Lamp Info

Don't forget the flyers:

Thanks to An Ugly Flyer Reference Site for their nice collection of pinball flyers, including Flash Gordon

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