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I bought this machine from a guy in North Carolina back in June 2003. He had read my web page and noticed that Big Daddy was the first machine I ever played. He asked if I was interested in it and after agreeing on a price, we made a deal. I drove to Raliegh and picked it up and was thrilled that it worked as well as it does! There are a couple pieces from the playfield missing and a switch or two doesn't work, but other than that, it's in real good shape. I haven't had the time to do anything with it yet, and since it basically works, I'll play with it for a while, then haul it off to my work room for an overhaul. I'll add updated pictures when it's done.

The backglass has a few flakes missing, but for being 41 years old, it's in fantastic shape

Here are some various pictures, just click on any thumbnail

And some close-ups of the playfield

Here's some more information on Big Daddy, if you're interested. If you own a Big Daddy machine but do not have a manual for it, some of this stuff may be of use to you.

For now all this stuff is empty, but as I learn more about this machine, I'll fill it in later

Rubber Ring
Rules of
Big Daddy
Fuses Solenoid and
Lamp Info


Thanks to An Ugly Flyer Reference Site for their nice collection of pinball flyers, including Big Daddy

If you own an Big Daddy, I'd love to hear from you and share info/parts/etc. Just send me an e-mail Mail Icon by removing the NO_S*P*A*M_ and tell me all about your machine.

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