This table maps all the Bally Solenoid Driver transistors to their corresponding connector pins, plus shows the corresponding decoder output pin, Pre-driver IC, and pre-driver pins (base, collector). These mappings are universal for all Bally AS-2518-16 and AS-2518-22 Solenoid Driver Modules and may help you to fix your solenoid problems.

TransistorConnectorDecoder PinPredriver Pins (B,E)
Q1J1-2, J2-92U1 (16,1)
Q2J1-3, J2-41U1 (3,2)
Q3J2-5, J3-46U1 (6,4)
Q4J1-57U1 (8,7)
Q5J2-103U1 (13,14)
Q6J2-114U1 (11,12)
Q7J2-125U1 (10,9)
Q8J5-108U3 (16,1)
Q9J5-911U3 (3,2)
Q10J5-1513U3 (8,7)
Q11J5-1415U3 (6,4)
Q12J5-1314U3 (10,9)
Q13J5-129U3 (11,12)
Q14J5-1110U3 (13,14)
Q15Flipper Relayn/aU4 (3,2)
Q16J2-6, J3-7, J5-816U4 (8,7)
Q17J5-7n/aU4 (10,9)
Q18J2-15, J3-9, J5-3n/aU4 (11,12)
Q19J2-8n/aU4 (13,14)

n/a - These are for "continuous" solenoids and are controlled directly my the MPU without using
the decoder circuitry (e.g., coin lockout coil, flipper relay, etc.)

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