When a Pigeon Dies

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First off, I hate pigeons. Rats with wings as far as I'm concerned. Anyway, we're all sitting in the lunchroom at work one day playing cards, when all of a sudden, there's this tremendous thump. I take a look out the big picture window near our table and there on the ground is a pigeon, dead as a door nail. The idiot flew into the window at full speed. Killed him instantly.

Then one of the other guys looks up at the window and there's this impression, sort of like the Shroud of Turin. Apparently pigeons, as do all birds, have this fine powdery dust-like stuff on their feathers. Well when this pigeon hit the window, he stopped cold, but the dust stuff kept on going and stuck on the window.

Take a close look at the photo and you can see that at the very last possible moment, he must have seen the window coming because he pulled up trying to stop (probably saying "Holy Sh__! "). Alas, it was all in vain. What you're looking at is the last fraction of a second of this bird's life. You can see his feet, his head, his beak, and his wing feathers. Notice how his head is kinda smushed down. Probably broke his neck.

I wish the picture was as good as the image right after he hit. I brought my camera in the next day, and had a co-worker hold up a dark background, but the window still had a lot of glare. Kind of dirty too, it rained that night. The original image was full of detail.

So nice of him to sacrifice himself so we could marvel at this phenomenon...

Pigeon Death
Pigeon Death

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