Memory Game (Concentration)

Memory Game 1 is a simple, single-player Concentration-type game for kids. There are 12 sets of 24 cards
and the object of the make is to match up the 12 pairs of cards by turning them over two at a time. The game
ends when all 12 pairs are found. Completely mouse driven, this game is perfect for young children just
learning how to use a computer.

Memory Game 2 is a similar game, but has support for one or two players, and has 30 different sets of cards.
Some typing is needed for the two-player game, in order to enter the player names, but other then that, it too
is completely mouse driven. Two-player mode is the perfect chance for you to play a game with your youngster.

Both games are free, and are included in a single zip file, along with simple instructions on how to install
the games. Right-Click MemoryGame and download the zip file.


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