Defex Pictures

I'm still trying to round up more, but for now these are all I could find
Give the thumbnails a chance to load up, then go at it!

Scott Carpenter Park Pix
SCP1 thumbnail SCP2 thumbnail SCP3 thumbnail SCP4 thumbnail SCP5 thumbnail SCP6 thumbnail SCP6 thumbnail

Garage Pix
GAR1 thumbnail GAR2 thumbnail GAR3 thumbnail GAR4 thumbnail GAR5 thumbnail

Rainbow Pix
RB1 thumbnail RB2 thumbnail

Fastlane Pix

Denver Pix

Misc Pix
MISC2 thumbnail MISC2 thumbnail MISC3 thumbnail

Do you have any pictures of the Defex that are not shown here? You Do!?!
Tell me about it Mail Icon cuz I want copies!

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